Fabrication Clients

Below are some testimonials from a few fabrication clients:

“I can’t say enough about Shamrock’s great customer service. Every step of the way, Tom and his team were very responsive to all of my questions. And I couldn’t be happier with the finished result.”

-Client in retail industry

“I was so impressed by the complex product Shamrock designed, engineered and manufactured for my business. I just came in with a drawing on a napkin! They really have the best experience and personalized customer service around – and their prices are very fair. We look forward to future projects with Shamrock.”

-Client in hospitality industry

“The level of customer service Shamrock Plastics has provided over the last 30 years has been matched by few other companies. They set a high standard for producing high-quality plastic products, delivered on time at competitive pricing. We especially appreciate their expertise on product development, design, material selection and additional considerations.”

-Independent business owner

“We’re extremely selective on the companies we work with and found that no one matches the high quality standards and flexibility like Shamrock Plastics. We worked together to redesign an existing product we had and made it even better! Better yet, the new product was really affordable and saved us money. Work with Shamrock and you’ll discover that they adapt very quickly to change, they can do the best custom work and they give each client the true personal attention they deserve.”

-Client in retail industry